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We never have enough flashlights when we are out ghosthunting.  And batteries always go out at the worst time, or get "drained" by the activity you are actually hunting.  I ran across these flashlights made by Dynamo.  I'll provide a link that has the specifications and you could even purchase them there but I recommend shopping around.  I ending up buying a lot of 4 off eBay for about $30 including shipping.  I think they are going to be great.  They have 3 LEDs instead of bulbs so you get a large white spot instead of the bright center and darker moving out toward the edge of the lens. 

Check them out and see what you think!


Those are cool. I think QVC has had them too. They also had one you shake to charge it. I forget prices now.

Yeah I've seen the shake ones as well. Have a friend that "collects" different kinds of flashlights and he had one of those. It was more work that the crank one. :D

I've seen the shake ones in quite a few of the gift magazines that Dianna gets in the mail. Carol Wright, Harriet Carter, Heartland just to name a few.

I just saw those same crank ones in ine of my promotions magazines I think it could have your co's name put on it... ssh official light??

I tried my new crank flash light ya'll gave me and I like it. It's neato.

Thanks, Bonnie


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