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Hand crank flashlight

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Got a catalog in the mail today that had a lot of 4 for $19.00.  That is a great price.

Martin B:

--- Quote from: Dianna on Oct 02, 2006, 03:20:25 PM ---These crank flashlights will come in handy when the power is out and there are no fresh batteries in the house. Or with ghost-hunting when the spirits are liable to drain your batteries. Or for a child that is afraid of the dark, to carry to bed with him...

I think they are remarkable! Wonder if they have hand-crank cameras, emf meters, voice recorders,  and other such equipment?  ;D


--- End quote ---

Yes they come handy in many places and they are quite remarkable.

Welcome Martin.  These flashlights are great to keep in a vehicle because you don't have to worry about the batteries leaking or changing them out so that they work when you need them.


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