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The Stairs in Chehalis

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This is a place near me.  I have been trying to research it online to find out where it is so that I can take a field trip over there and check it out.  I am coming up empty.  Even the places online that list it do not give any information on it.  I have googled the name as well as all kinds of combinations of stairs, fire, schoolhouse and am not coming up with anything.  I have also looked into the history of Chehalis and none of the sites I have read give me any information.  Nothing in the online archives of the newspaper either.

Where should I search next to find some more information?

I think I would make a trip to the nearest local library.  Sometimes they contain lots of stuff written about the local area that you won't find anywhere else.  Ask the person that works in the library.  If they have any local books they will know it.

What about a visit or call to the local historical society?

Both good ideas.  I did not think about the library and I think the historical society would be a great lead as well. 

Thats great that you have 2 potential things to work with then Triss...........let us know what you find out ok,


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