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Like it or not, we have to deal with spyware.  I've found that you need to attack this one from several fronts.  Yep, I learned the hard way.  I had great virus protection and thought I was protected.  One day everything just slowed down.  Everything I did, seemed to be taking longer and longer.  I did a search in Google for something and an additional screen popped up saying "were you looking for this" and it would have a couple of links that I had been searching for but it wasn't Google, it was something called "Cool WWW Search".  I did some more checking and found out this was one of the worst spyware hits you could have.

It took me several calls to a number of friends and countless hours of searching to find out how to get rid of this spyware.  Once it was done I had learned about several other programs that you need to run in order to keep the spyware off your computer.  Here are the ones I use:

Spyware Blaster is a FREE program that you can use to help keep your system spyware-free and secure, without interfering with the "good side" of the web.  It doesn't clean spyware off your system, instead it helps to prevent it from getting on your system.

Another FREE program called Spybot -Search & Destroy (S&D) is really good at removing spyware.  I run this one about once every two weeks.

The last one I use is AD-Aware. This is another FREE program.  Use it after running Spybot-S&D and you should be in pretty good shape.

Be sure and check for updates if the software doesn't do it automatically when you start it.

Both Dianna and I use these programs quite regularly and so far we have not had any further major problems with spyware.  

Downlaoded and cleaned up files

I have adaware and spybot. I use them every so often. Also delete all my cookies, temp files and browsing history. Speeds things right up.

If you have programs that were factory installed that you never use, zapping them will spedup your loads etc too.

I've added a new FREE spyware program to the arsenal of protection that I use.  It's the AVG Anti-Spyware program.  It works very much like the AVG Anti-Virus program and appears to be another great program from Grisoft. When dealing with the Internet, you can never have enough protection.

EDIT:  This program is no longer available. 5/5/08

We need to get out of the swamp more often. We have learned sooo much about computers, from Jim & Dianna.  :Glee:  They are the Coolest of People. Thanks You Two, for being Real Friends!


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