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Me and the wife are thinking about going to Branson Missouri fro our 1 year anniversary in August, they have a Ghost Haunt tour we are going on while we are there, and possibly to see what else is haunted.... be kinda like a Haunted Anniversary.  :BigGrin:

Wow, lucky you. I hope you have a high spirited time. Please keep us posted and take lots of pictures.

Sounds like it would be fun.  We tried to go on one of the ghost tours in Charleston but it didn't work out.  We heard it was lots more tourist related than what we expected.

Definitely keep us posted on how the tour goes.

Patty S:

--- Quote ---Haunted Anniversary.
--- End quote ---
Don't know why, but that struck my funny bone!

I haven't been to Branson, but I know lotsa people who have, & I've never heard anyone complain.  The  ghost haunt tour sounds like fun... I hope you can go!   :clap:

Maybe ya'll will get to visit Inspiration Point while you are there. It is suppose to be haunted by the ghost of a confederate solider on horse back.


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