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Hand crank flashlight

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These crank flashlights will come in handy when the power is out and there are no fresh batteries in the house. Or with ghost-hunting when the spirits are liable to drain your batteries. Or for a child that is afraid of the dark, to carry to bed with him...

I think they are remarkable! Wonder if they have hand-crank cameras, emf meters, voice recorders,  and other such equipment?  ;D


I saw a number of radios and even some that would charge a cell phone.  All started off with the basic flashlight and then expanded from there.  I guess the radio would come in handy during storms or such that the power was off and you could still get radio reports.  I had a crank radio when I was stationed in Guam and it came in handy when Super Typhoon Pamela decided to pay us a visit.

I've heard of a....uh.... crank or was it solar charged and then lasted a long time? Maybe both crank and solar? Anyway it was a battery free radio.
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 8) I just bought Tyllind a crank light for Christmas and it has actually turned out great so far... Our power went out for a while the other night and the crank rescue!! Thanks Tylind it is cool !! I need to get me one of those!!  ;)


--- Quote ---I've heard of a....uh.... crank? or was it solar charged
--- End quote ---

Nope, Wrennie. It is an actual crank flashlight. It has a little lever on the side that you wind up to charge it. They would probably be a big seller in your store, if you would stock them, for power outages during your snow season...

Rita, those are neat little flashlights. They would be good for spirit-hunting because they don't use batteries. No "energy" will be draining the strength out of them...



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