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Investigation - Reevesville, SC (near St. George)

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last night was my first ghost hunt i really enjoyed it i would love to do it again sometime! it was great meeting everyone!!

We are happy that you enjoyed it, Cassie. I think we all did, too... :grinnnn:

After Jim posts a summary of our investigation, I will add some pictures and my thoughts too... :BigGrin:

We began this investigation because Bonnie's son moved into a house in Reevesville.  The first time Aunt Bonnie went into the house she felt something and made the comment that someone had died in the house.  Things didn't work out and now Bonnie's ex-daughter-in-law still lives in the house.

Other than that, i think Ralph (AB's son) did see something once that made him think something was there, but none of the other family members have had any experiences.  The house was built sometime in the early 70's so it's not really that old.

We met up at Hardee's to discuss our plan and to go over the equipment that we planned to use.  The team consisted of Bonnie, Dianna, Justin, Cassie, Lagree (UNCLEG) and myself.  We went over how to use the EMF detector, how to use the infrared thermometer and how a compass can be used to detect activity.  We talked briefly about the use of the tape recorders and digital voice recorders in the hopes of capturing EVPs.  Of course camera's both video and digital as well as 35mm were discussed along with making sure we had enough flashlights and batteries.  Oh and some of us did eat a bite or two.

We arrived at the house approximately 7:35.  We had previously checked the weather conditions and noted that the moon was a waning crescent, solar x-rays were normal and the geomagnetic fields was quiet.  The outside temperature was approximately 48*, and was partly cloudy.  Thanks goodness the rain had stopped early in the day.

We had a floor plan of the house and walked through to become familiar with it and to take some initial temperature readings.  For the most part the average temperature in the house was 70*.  On the initial walk-through Aunt Bonnie, Dianna,and Justin both felt a cold chill when they walked into the master bedroom.  UncleG felt kind of an uneasiness.  We all gathered back in the play room and conducted our opening prayer and then went dark.  Yep, we turned off all the lights.

We spread out over the house, with thermometers, cameras, and EMF detectors.  At times in the master bedroom, we would get a few degrees drop in temperature but it didn't last long and wasn't as drastic as you would anticipate if you are experiencing activity.  Dianna and AB got a chill every time they went in that room.  :shock:  Some of us were also taking pictures.  I got some video with the Night Shot on but didn't see anything significant in it.

After about 30 minutes UncleG and Dianna got out the DVRs and tried for some EVPs.  I haven't listened to the one Dianna had yet so will post about that later.  AB has the one UncleG was using so she will have to fill us in on that one.

At approximately 8:40 we decided we had got enough and would call it a night.  We decided to walk out back and take some pictures of the granite slab that is in the back of the house.  I'll attach a picture of that.  While out there, Dianna mentioned dowsing to see if it was a grave and UncleG had some hangars in his car and retrieved them so Dianna could make some dowsing rods.  After bending them up, AB gave some general guidelines in how to use them and Dianna was off.  Next UncleG gave it a try.  I don't think either one could conclude that a grave existed near or under the granite.  :Whis:

We went back in, packed up the equipment talked about the things we felt or didn't feel during the night.  I'm not sure we agreed on whether we felt there was any activity in the house.  It would be premature to make that assessment until we get a chance to fully look at the evidence.  One thing we all did agree on was we enjoyed ourselves and Dianna took care of doing our closing prayer.

We headed out to Waffle House and had some coffee before heading home.

The first two are the only orbs that I got, both appear to be dust, the 3rd is the granite base in the back yard.  Looks like the base of a tombstone and the last one is AB showing UncleG how to dowse.

It proved to be a learning experience for three of our team. Justin (eca-payne), Cassie, and Uncle G had never been on an investigation before and had never used the equipment. They were all ready, willing, and able to do anything that we asked of them, though. Sadly, we didn't get anything but some dust orbs except for one little ghost that Aunt Bonnie and I managed to capture...

I think he is quite cute, but not quite what we were looking for... :giggle:

I really think someone/thing was in the master bedroom. There was a certain area that I could just walk into (about two steps inside the door) and I would just start freezing. I had cold chills all up and down my body. I didn't feel threatened, though, so wasn't afraid. I even tried to get some EVPs when I was in the room by myself at one time... ;D

The granite to me looked like the base for a headstone. It was interesting to note that a graveyard was just right down the street on the corner across from the house. Wonder if the graveyard used to be a little larger and maybe the house was built on some graves that were removed? :unsure:

Justin, G, and I really worked hard with learning the dowsing rods. I need to do some more research on it so that next time I will be better prepared to use them. I would, also, like to find something better to use to make a pair. Maybe copper... :ScratchHead:

I think I need to figure out beforehand a list of questions that I may want answered while trying to get EVPs, also. I asked at least three questions and then ran out of any ideas... ::)

All in all, I enjoyed the hunt. Though we may not have captured anything with the equipment, I feel as if I gained a little bit more experience and will look forward to utilizing it on our next investigation...

Thank you, Sheri, for opening your home to us! :NewHug:

I didn't get anything on film, but I didn't need to. I know what is in the house. ( the spirit of two old people) Still it would have been nice to get something.


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